Benefits and Harms of Benchmarking

Compare - Kıyaslamak

What is Benchmarking? Benchmarking is a tool whose benefits and harms vary from situation to situation. You’ll notice better soon as you dig deeper into the comparison. Let’s examine the advantages and disadvantages of comparing one by one. In the footsteps of our individual wishes and preferences, the journey of comparison begins. What is the Dictionary Meaning of Comparison? Comparing … Read more

What are the Harms of Hunger?

Açlığın Zararları

The harms of hunger do not end with counting. On the other hand, food is both delicious and essential for our survival. When we are hungry, the body reacts immediately. The brain stimulates the organs, the body becomes sluggish as it makes energy planning, and it supports the psychological pressure and fatigue. So when you’re hungry, you don’t … Read more

Why Are We All Ignorant?

Neden Cahiliz?

Scientific researches conducted years ago, in coffee houses and at 5 o’clock tea conversations, show that we humans are ignorant. We are all ignorant . But why? We’ll get into the details soon. And remember, this is a scientific fact and there is nothing to be upset about in this news. Sit back, grab your tea and coffee and come… What … Read more

A Historical Scandal: Are Dinosaurs From Tekesh?

Dinozorlar Tekeşli

We are proud to share with you a discovery of the science journal Arizorus (Historyzorus). It is formed by combining two Greek words meaning  “terrible lizard” ( deinos+sauros )  by  Richard Owen . According to the findings, the first dinosaur was unfortunately found in the town of Tekesh in India. This is the second finding this week, and it looks like the history … Read more

Can Bad News Increase Cancer?

Haber İzlemek Kanseri Artırıyor!

Does watching depressing news increase cancer? *According to estimates, those who constantly watch the news in the last 10 years may have 8 times more cancer than those who do not. What should journalists do about it? Soon… How does watching the news trigger cancer? ** According to the cancer estimation result of Marsuan Estimation Company ; People are 8 times … Read more