A Historical Scandal: Are Dinosaurs From Tekesh?

We are proud to share with you a discovery of the science journal Arizorus (Historyzorus). It is formed by combining two Greek words meaning  “terrible lizard” ( deinos+sauros )  by  Richard Owen . According to the findings, the first dinosaur was unfortunately found in the town of Tekesh in India. This is the second finding this week, and it looks like the history books will be changed for the second time, unfortunately. If you’ve written a book or if you’re fresh on the History of Dinosaurs, stop and wait a little longer. Because there is an intense gold exploration work in India this period. Excavations are intensifying. And the super-dense Tekesh region also promises to make great contributions to science. Scientists and scientists are confused, research continues rapidly.

Science cannot reveal its secret…

While dinosaur historians are determined not to comment on these changed books, a summary statement they signed reads:

“Dear dinosaur lovers and history buffs, We are proud to explain to you, but many of our books and articles have been debunked! We are very sad and angry… We don’t even know who to get angry with. Curious friends who ask a lot of questions! Dude, don’t call us all the time and don’t iron our heads! Who are you?  What are you doing? Wait for news from us, we’ll let you know. Are you a scientist or am I? Of course, I mean we… Look, these are not easy tasks. If it were easy, you would read this chapter. So please wait quietly! We wish you a nice day…”

The rise of the town of Tekesh

Known as Tek Esh or Tekesh, this town is a leading and thriving town in grain and shipping, as well as railways and shipbuilding, and even tourism.

There are some questions that come to mind:

  1. First, was the burgeoning town a door of opportunity by the local authorities?
  2. This place, which attracts the eyes of the world press, also attracts suspicions!

Because in the last 3 months:

16 historical findings.

2 Nobel prizes.

3 silver and 12 gold medals.

154 missing cases.

Accompanied by dozens of popular news…

Is there a UFO in Tekeş?

In addition, apart from the dinosaur fossils found in Tekeş, the urgent issue we want to talk about is that a spacecraft was found abandoned at 11:45 pm in a corn field behind a tripe shop, 4 km from the town centre. And unfortunately, the owners of the vehicles could not be found despite all the searches of the State Police. And the spacecraft was taken to the central parking lot for examination.

The aliens are missing!

According to the information we received, a parking ticket was issued because the vehicle was parked on the land without permission. And there are also testimonies of two citizens claiming to have watched light shows in a forest 2 kilometers away at the time of the incident. In the statement,

“We were brewing tea with the buddies, we drank a lot, then we looked at it, it sounded like toy laser guns and the lights were glowing like embers in the air. After 2 hours the lights went out. Then the voices stopped. The show was good, we informed the authorities after it was over.”Citizen’s Statement

It has been recorded as saying. We follow all developments closely.

Current information from Tekeş
Aliens got on their vehicles and fled to the Moon. They took a dinosaur fossil with them. With 2 bales of tea. That’s what local officials have to say.

Stay cool…

Pseudo-science has been made in this news !

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