Our aim

The purpose of the SozdeBilim.com website is to present entertaining and useful articles.


Why is experimentation and observation necessary? Because experimenting means that an individual experiences a new knowledge personally. And he personally witnesses his mistakes and learns from them.

We keep our perspective broad and constantly push the boundaries of ideas. Look what we said about borders? We do not copy known things as they are. In other words, as soon as someone presents us with historical or scientific information, we do not immediately accept what we hear. We think as if we are reinventing the known as much as possible. We accept knowledge with experience. We don’t have to accept something we don’t know. We can take this as preliminary information. Because it’s better than nothing. Prior knowledge is better than no knowledge at all.

Even wrong information makes our job easier on the right track.


It will not be pleasant enough to consume information without feeling and experiencing it in virtual reality. Let knowledge not be spread by gossip, let it be perceived by experience, let it enter hearts, let eyes see, ears hear, hands touch, in short, let it be tasted deeply and firsthand, witnessed in person…

Truth cannot be fully learned without experience!



We found another way to help you. In short, it’s about continuing to look at things differently. Because every day, almost everyone believes everything without question and accepts everything as it is. This is not enough for us. Because diving into a blind spot will definitely lead to problems. However, some solid knowledge is required to take this first step. What you know is good, what you don’t know needs to be discovered.

Versatile Thinking

When we approach the information in these frames, we can find the demons in the details. This is how we learned about the harm that reading books does to the planet. Something good can be bad, something bad can be good. Watermelon isn’t just in its peel. The content written on our site is based on versatility and sometimes encourages you to think alone.

Let knowledge live what it deserves. Knowledge is not only power, but also joy.


An example of the articles that we believe to be useful on our site are the harms of reading a book. Yes, you didn’t read it wrong. When we wrote about the harms of reading a book , we are sure that it was a strange title for those who read the article until they read it. It is useful to think that there are harms in reading books. That’s why we broaden your perspective. Because, as we said above, bad things can happen under things that look good. Looking at it this way helps you think differently.

There are Benefits of Reading Books too, and we wrote it. As you can see, we look at the book from different angles, and we take its good and bad aspects separately and blend them on this site.

Other amazing Pseudoscience Examples


The way of the mind is one. While there are things we reinvent, we label familiar phrases with their original owners. If you have questions or other topics you would like to discuss, feel free to share them with us. We enjoy different perspectives.

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