Benefits and Harms of Benchmarking

What is Benchmarking? Benchmarking is a tool whose benefits and harms vary from situation to situation. You’ll notice better soon as you dig deeper into the comparison. Let’s examine the advantages and disadvantages of comparing one by one. In the footsteps of our individual wishes and preferences, the journey of comparison begins.

What is the Dictionary Meaning of Comparison? Comparing according to the records of the TDK, the Turkish Language Institution, is: To compare, to compare, to imitate, to compare.

What are the benefits of benchmarking?

Of course, there are situations where benchmarking is very useful and necessary. For example, comparing two similar products in the market. It is also possible not to compare, but if you compare, you are doing something right. Because the expiry date of one of the two products may be approaching. It is also fresh with a newer production date. And two products are competitively discounted. Benefits of benchmarking. When you think about it, you will see that the comparison has many benefits. Compare two things right away and see this.

What do you gain if you compare?

  • You can choose the high quality one.
  • You can buy the cheapest one .
  • You can see the closer .
  • You find the good, the beautiful, the sweet and the cute .
  • You can learn what is bad, ugly, harmful and useless and stay away.

What are the disadvantages of benchmarking?

So far we agree that the comparison is useful. Comparison is actually necessary. In fact, there are moments when it would be a mistake not to make comparisons.

So when is it bad to benchmark? The following examples discuss comparison in terms of human emotions and relationships.

Don’t compare people

People don’t need to be compared. There is nothing useful in comparing people.

For example, because one of the two people is tall and you called the tall one long, it would be as if you called the short one short. The distinction between beautiful and ugly is a complete disaster. Competitions looking for the most beautiful are the pinnacle of comparison. Especially quizzes are examples of public benchmarking.

In terms of comparison, there are situations where good and bad are intertwined. Competing is good, winning is good. So how does it feel to lose and be criticized and compared?

Individuals may perceive what they have as bad when they are compared. Comparable means their unique world that they created with their own hands. It can feel like a product or commodity when compared. Don’t compare people like two packs of rice. Rice grains are not taken, but people may be upset and react to it.

Comparison will make those who compare most unhappy. Because it bothers us to see a person who constantly compares everything and everyone around. Even if we find it amusing at first to be a guinea pig in the hands of those people, later we will not like it. We always want to avoid them.

It’s good to accept people as they are.

Comparison destroys individuality and turns them into things.Literal Knowledge

When hiring the staff you need, we focus on the person with the best training and skills. Especially lucky are those who speak politely and act intelligently. It is your right to find the best employee. It is acceptable to make comparisons in this regard. However, it is not right to do it to their face.

“-Wow! So you graduated from Harvard University. That’s why we chose you.”

Could the candidate chosen here think that he is overshadowed by the power of Harvard University? This is exactly the problem.

Well, no matter what you say, if someone doesn’t get upset. You have selected the member and, while delivering the congratulatory speech, you can:

Congratulations. Welcome to the club.short greeting

Comparing feelings, situations and people!

  • Who cried more at the funeral ?
  • Will my father beat your father ?
  • Who came first when I had an accident ?
  • Who did not call from relatives when my son passed the exam ?

These are the comparison questions in a nutshell. Those who constantly compare often make such comparisons.

Comparing the people we love!

It’s not easy for someone to love you. And if you are loved, know that you are truly lucky. Being two people who love each other is one of the rare beauties in the world. And few things can be so valuable. Think about what’s the harm in comparing your lover…

Is your girlfriend prettier or more handsome than you?

If it’s beautiful, don’t you consider yourself worthy of it? If it’s ugly, were you looking for someone better? Do you worry that he is richer or poorer than you? Is his education higher than you? Is he smarter than you?

Question :Are you comparing everything?

If that’s what you’re doing, know that no one can be the same as you, and this endless cycle of wanting to compare will eventually make you unhappy.

Compare your family and friends!

Are your mother's eyes green but your father's black? Your brother is blonde, but is your hair brown? Your friend has a jagged car but you have a plane? Your cousin is brunette, are you white? Your sister is genius but you have a mediocre intelligence? Your uncle is very rich but your aunt needs help? You are the secretary but your friend is the CEO?

Social, economic and psychological situations of our family, relatives and friends are different. That’s why we need to accept them as they are.

Constantly comparing our relatives with one another is tiring work. They’re already tired of this comparison job and it’s your turn. Excessive benchmarking will consume you insidiously.

Comparing pets!

My cat’s eyes are colored, but my neighbor’s cat is ordinary. I bought an expensive leash for my dog, as much as your salary for a month… We have been exposed to approaches. Our pets also get their fair share of comparisons. Fortunately, they don’t understand that. (I hope)

Is there a limit to the comparison?

There is always better. Comparison seekers will never stop, as long as there is something better. So the benchmarking will continue to create an endless loop. We enjoy watching this in the Marvel and DC universes in the cinema. Power comparison is a must for fantasy movies.

Who is the strongest hero?

Thanos or Thor?

Superman VS HulkHero Benchmark

Is there a limit to the comparison? Yes. When you shut up and stop comparing two things, the comparison ends, but temporarily.

“Hey man, you made too many comparisons, shut up!” Sometimes it comes to a point where we can say But still don’t offend anyone for that.

Is comparison a negative force?

Every person may have aspects that appear physically negative to other people. The comparison may also be due to the habit of seeing these bad aspects. It’s bad to bring out the good in someone and use them to oppress another person. Benchmarking is abused!

Contribution of your wishes and preferences

You like tall people, someone else likes short people. While you like brunette, the other is blonde. You want your salary to be high, right? But some don’t want to. He can be happy because he can make do with little. He does not feel the need to strive for more in the world he has created for himself. We can call these circles of desire and preference.

Just as you have a circle of desires and preferences and it makes sense to you, other people create and live in a circle of desires and preferences in their own way.

The moment you compare someone, that person may feel like you are criticizing them. People are sensitive to criticism. When you turn to someone and say you have long hair, they will say yes, what’s wrong with that? Whereas you just told her your hair is really long. It is possible to understand this as a criticism. Some of the comparisons are also misunderstood and can harm human relationships.

Analysis and analysis when comparing

It is normal to compare the reactions of two of your close friends to a similar event. Because the comparison here gives the opportunity to understand people better. This would be a scientific finding because it gives you the opportunity to know what you’re doing.

But don’t take the reaction of one of your friends and then use it to crush it. People do not react 100% the same, not factory product. Different responses are the product of different people and just wealth.

be balanced in comparison

Compare freely when you believe there are situations where there is necessity, obligation, and benefit to compare.

Comparison is harmful when it breaks someone’s heart and makes them feel worthless.

If you turn to your lover and say, “My cousin is more beautiful than you,” it will upset your lover.

Or ask your father, “Daddy mom is ugly, why did you marry her?” It would be offensive to ask.

Comparison, even for work, causes workers to see themselves as a product and be taken away. People may be workers or civil servants, but they are still human. Treat people humanely. Do not treat them as goods or slaves.

If you need to compare people, do so in the most polite way possible.

If possible, don’t do it at all.Literal Knowledge


Benchmarking is necessary in terms of products and services. But it’s not nice to do to people. Of course, people know they’re being compared. But no one wants to be compared to their face.

People don’t need comparisons, except when it’s necessary. Because everyone wants to live as they exist. No one wants to be compared every day and constantly for being tall-short, strong-weak, black-white, blue-pink, woman-man, non-believer-believer…. It’s good to be accepted as you are.

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