Can Bad News Increase Cancer?

Does watching depressing news increase cancer? *According to estimates, those who constantly watch the news in the last 10 years may have 8 times more cancer than those who do not. What should journalists do about it? Soon…

How does watching the news trigger cancer?

** According to the cancer estimation result of Marsuan Estimation Company ; People are 8 times more likely to get cancer from psychology than from cancer in food. He points to the “daily painful news-watching situation” called “ the stress of tomorrow ” causing an increase in cancer cases .

At the beginning of these cases, there are families living with the perception of “father is the head of the house”. Because more fathers watch the news. It is thought that negative stress triggers and gives birth to cancer due to patriarchal pressure within the family.

What Should Journalists Do? Don’t go anywhere…

We like to watch the news, but that doesn’t justify highlighting black news just because it’s watched more . It is also necessary to highlight the good effect of the news and give the audience a breather . Think of it like a little break. No, not the ad break. When watching the news creates stress, the audience needs a glimmer of hope (earthquake disaster, forest fire or other disaster news).

While watching all the news of disaster, we all feel pressure for minutes or even hours in intense sadness and despair . Just at that moment, a little positive news sprinkles water on us. We need it, even if we don’t realize it.

Dear journalists, please don’t post three bad news in a row, add one good, positive, hopeful piece of news. There are those who stop watching TV in order not to watch bad news all the time. Broadcast positive news in a balanced way for them, for yourself, and for everyone .

Do not fill the agenda with the constant bickering of politicians or gossip news. There are so many beautiful things happening in the world, find them and make us the audience happy.

Make a good-hopeful-good news after two bad news .

What’s the solution? Right now…

It is necessary to establish a round table in the family and to provide equal opportunity to speak to each member. This roundtable committee (family members) should also monitor the fair use of the opportunities presented. Let an individual follow the inspection work.

As a result, watching TV with the family can stress people out. Watching mom and dad’s channel forcibly can also be stressful. These stresses trigger cancer over time.

Beware of Stress While Watching TV!

Another issue that stress affects is watching bad news . Every news that you do not want or that you are sad while watching sends a message to your subconscious without being aware of it. New messages are added to the first message, and these collected messages form a subconscious idea over time, and this idea continues exponentially with the effect of stress. It also affects your body with increased pessimism.

Organs are not programmed to withstand intense stress for long periods of time.


Cancer comes into play when you are helpless. Over time and rapidly, cell invasion begins, then this creates a mass in the organs. Cancer cells that have become a mass are making their voices heard more. Of course, the quality of life of the person with cancer also decreases and if he neglects to receive treatment, the problem will grow even more. Beware of!

In addition, let’s share the articles that are useful for you to know. Television Viewing Time and the Risk of Colorectal Cancer Mortality among Japanese Population: The JACC Study. Now let’s share the related topics that we have prepared. Excess of everything is harmful , and especially examine what are the harms of watching television . Finally, evaluate whether high morale is a cure for cancer . Stay healthy and hopeful.

Have the best nights and the best days until we meet again.

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Pseudo-science was made in this news !

** Marsuan Estimation Company : Fake institution.

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