A Historical Scandal: Are Dinosaurs From Tekesh?

Dinozorlar Tekeşli

We are proud to share with you a discovery of the science journal Arizorus (Historyzorus). It is formed by combining two Greek words meaning  “terrible lizard” ( deinos+sauros )  by  Richard Owen . According to the findings, the first dinosaur was unfortunately found in the town of Tekesh in India. This is the second finding this week, and it looks like the history … Read more

Can Bad News Increase Cancer?

Haber İzlemek Kanseri Artırıyor!

Does watching depressing news increase cancer? *According to estimates, those who constantly watch the news in the last 10 years may have 8 times more cancer than those who do not. What should journalists do about it? Soon… How does watching the news trigger cancer? ** According to the cancer estimation result of Marsuan Estimation Company ; People are 8 times … Read more

What is Pseudoscience?

Sözde bilim Nedir?

Pseudoscience is gaining fame and profit by manipulating information. Even having “science” in its name causes a kind of manipulation. Because those who hear the name of science look at the positive part of the word. And other definitions are needed to replace the so-called science word. Because maintaining this manipulation means supporting exposure. Below we have prepared examples … Read more