Does an Alien Live in a Human Body?

Is there an alien form in the human body? How was man created? Where did we come from? How did we come to this? The origin of the curiosity for extraterrestrial intelligent life goes back to ancient times. This curiosity has been for superhuman beings such as gods and angels.

Humans are curious creatures, so they constantly research. And that’s why all schools are established. And since the information that people can reach can increase as they learn, they are always in pursuit of new limits. Man knows very little of the knowledge in the universe. For example, 200 billion galaxies were detected with the Hubble telescope . We haven’t even fully accessed the information of our world yet. We have very little information. This is what has been understood during the 2,000 years after Christ.

Type: INSA-OL21

Today we will talk about a curious subject. If we said today, it has been a long time since we wrote this article. And when you read this article, it still seems to keep its mystery. The subject is a new kind. Maybe it’s an old type… In summary, we are entering the INSA-OL21 file. INSA-OL21 is an alien in a human body. The meaning of this name is INSA: it means adapting to man (Old Martian language). OL means the formation is complete. 21 is not a plate, but the evolution of this species in 2021. (our guess)

Alien in Human Body INSA-OL21
Alien in human body : INSA-OL21
  • This pseudoscience is research. It is for entertainment purposes only. Of course, if you’re wondering what’s really going on, keep reading.

The statement made by AFRC : Alien Form Research Commission (APSR : Astronomical Pseudo-Science Research)
affiliated to AFRC and APSR Space Creatures Development Association continues to shock the whole world today. A new species has been found. And this species is not among us, it is closer than our jugular vein. It feeds on us, so it’s right inside of us!

INSA-OL21 from prehuman

The living species in the photograph also lives outside the human body. Because after being removed from a cadaver, the incident came to light with the notification of the officials who realized that he was moving. Thus, it turned out that this creature, which they named INSA-OL21, was able to survive on Earth long before the human form. Also, as far as we know, this creature, which has a human brain and spinal cord, may actually be another species! And this situation radically changed the course of science.

INSA-OL21 studies

Research and experiments by French scientists on other species show that this species can evolve. In addition, it has not only infected the living population of almost the entire planet, but also shaped the species. But European and American officials agree that this is a hoax and that the thing in the picture is not a different creature, but just an extension of the human body. The important question in their minds is this: How does an organ of a living thing move after a living thing dies? Because, as is known, when living things die, they no longer move. Unless it’s a parasite that looks for other bodies when the creature it lives in dies.

Thus, insa-ol21 appears to be a highly developed parasite. However, it is very interesting that it develops in such a wide range and that it is a species that works like an organ that completes the human body. For this information that creates an avalanche effect, scientists are continuing their deep research.

Pseudo-science has been made in this news !

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