Does Excessive Exercise Shorten Lifespan?

It’s a joke, but not quite. Let’s think a little. There is no doubt that sport is one of the most sensible activities people find. Human health depends on sports. And when we do not do sports, our body proceeds step by step towards the destruction process. Let’s see how sports interrupts life when it is so necessary.

Let’s get to know ourselves: human nature

While exercising, many organs of the body work simultaneously. Spore is a process that starts from cells. While running, your body consumes resources to the fullest. Our nature is based on getting tired quickly while running. Since there is a limit according to the cellular structure, we do not get tired while walking. When we look at this structure, which differs from person to person, we see that humans are lazy compared to many other animals. According to some, we are very hardworking. We are like racehorses for the sloth and the turtle. To a wild ass or a leopard we are like an oxcart.

Does sports tire the mind ?

Sports do not only tire the body, because sports are not just muscle and bone work. Exercises make us work as a whole, as we act in partnership with the body and the brain. In addition, Sports affect us consciously, aka spiritually.

These mental and physical effects are different for normal exercise and a competing athlete. Those who work more are more tired. It runs out quicker. Because high energy consumption causes high damage.

Bodybuilding and muscle damage

If you’ve noticed, it swells when you do heavy work with your arms. I witnessed this a lot, especially when I was doing bodybuilding because that was my purpose of going to the gym. Every sports lover who aims to gain muscle by exhausting his organs finds himself extremely exhausted after exercise. Trying to supposedly balance this with additional protein supplements and selected foods also leads to other uncontrolled consumption problems. For example, someone who uses protein powder on his own will experience some health problems in the future. Additional food supplements without asking the doctor negatively affect health.

Fitness vs Body Building

Basically both sports exercises are a workout to develop the body. It is based on looking fit, that is, tight, as befits the name of fitness. Although body building means building the body, nowadays it is an exaggeration to have muscles like a weightlifter. In order to inflate the muscles and give air, it is possible to work beyond fitness with body building. When you exercise, you build your body. It depends on what type of body you are doing. But the important thing is to continue this work by staying healthy.

Nutrition of the body

If you are obsessed with this by constantly consuming excessive complementary foods and exercising excessively, your muscles will definitely swell, but your health is good if it does not burst like a balloon from somewhere else. Therefore, work with a specialist and make sure to share health-related anomalies with your doctor.

The fitness instructor is not a doctor, so when he says nothing will happen, don’t take things out of his/her expertise into consideration. There is such a thing as a specialty! Even doctors, despite being doctors, can specialize in many fields and become experts in one branch. So, take a look at the recommendations and take a look at the area of ​​expertise. Then step up.

Muscles are water balloons

Years ago, in a conversation at work, a bodybuilder once said the following while chatting. “It is water that makes the muscles swell. And that water will dissipate in time.” So no matter how swollen it gets, the Hulk will eventually go out, the waters will disperse, and you’ll be back to the skinny-armed person.

If you want to spend your life doing muscle exercises 8 hours a day like Dwine Johnson, good luck to you. Because this is an eternal struggle. It never ends. As soon as you stop, you will slowly return to those old leek sleeves. Oh sorry, “saggy” prasa sleeves.

Does sports cause stress ?

Mental exhaustion, on the other hand, shows the hidden danger of sports, namely stress, due to the fear of struggle and loss. As the working life of those who do sports gets more intense, their blood pressure also peaks. These people, who are already under heavy training, are exposed to intense stress.

Opponents consume each other faster!


Sport is a double exhaustion for working twice!

Normally the body has a personality limit and the capacity to consume and manage resources. This is what makes us one and only. Now we are trying to cross borders and make ourselves faster and stronger. Here we try to double ourselves by doing sports and push the limit. We are increasing our floor.

So far, we have explained that those who do sports may have a risky life expectancy compared to normal people. We will now consider another fact that has not been taken into account.

Poor living conditions

When you exercise, the body wears out. This is normal. So is your spirit in a crowded game. After this stage, every physical and mental burden you will experience will create problems.

If you are experiencing familial or environmental negativities after sports, beware. This third charge indicates that you are consuming your life 3 times faster.

Your health starts to deplete much more quickly with stress, alcohol and smoking. Do not increase your load even more!

Non -sports third loads

Sports somehow shortens life, but for those asking what else shortens life, let’s give some important information.

To smoke!
Having an affair with the wrong person. Incompatible spouse – Irrelevant lover!
Working in the wrong job!
Living in some countries / region / district / neighborhood / street / apartment.

These are just ideas. Substances that consume your life are the negative effects of sports and the environment. For example , Overreaction can make a person sick.

Find balance

If you do not pay attention, yes, unfortunately, sports reduce life. He should be very careful for a healthy body and soul. Doing a small search on the internet to see the injury stories of people injured by sports will yield many results.

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Enjoy the sport and do it less. Do not participate in competitions unless it is absolutely necessary. If you enjoy sports competitions, it will be good for you to join. Whatever you do, do it consciously and willingly. Establish a balanced life for yourself regardless of sports, work, family, environment or subject.

Live having fun! (million dollar advice)

Live in taste.

Stay cool.

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