Is Drinking Tea in Space Beneficial?

Since our satellite does not have an atmosphere, we can say that these two problems are the same. Although there is no gravity in space, it does on the Moon. You know, you’ve watched videos of astronauts climbing and jumping on the Moon. How many teas per month? Our topic is the month and the number and drinkability of tea consumed in a month… You will soon see the benefits of drinking tea in space. Our NASATea news begins.

Why drink tea per month?

Why tea when there are so many things to drink? Because tea is a relaxing herb. This comfort will be the most basic thing you need in space.
Nervous stress in space backfires! Let’s say a screw of the spacecraft has come loose. You got angry and kicked the spaceship. Error occurred! Then you will be alone in space. It’s not an apartment. A week later, help arrives. A week is valid only if there is a ready-made spacecraft. It takes months for a space rocket ready to fire. In other words, a new spacecraft will be built in at least 6 months. There should be tons of page tests that don’t fly instantly like fireworks. Now calm down and put your feet on the ground and take a step back from that panel. Therefore, tea is very important in space and especially on the Moon.

Tea has many beneficial properties.


Benefits of Drinking Tea in Space

Tea has numerous benefits. Tea is a life-saving herb, and it’s no coincidence that it’s used in space. This plant, which is consumed all over the world, should be consumed by space personnel in 12 different ways, including chewing. A few interesting uses are:

  • The tea plant becomes a quilt. (to protect from the cold at night in space)
  • And the tea leaves turn blue in space with the sun’s rays and use for night lighting.
  • In addition, when the tea is sprayed into the air, it cleans the air as a result of its contact with oxygen.
  • Even tea powders make the skin tan.
  • Use the leaves left after drinking as a raw material for toilet paper for supporting purposes.
  • There will be charcoal in the spacecraft. (don’t try)
  • It improves the brain and helps you stay alert to possible alien attacks.
  • It helps you sleep.
  • Tea is good for stress
  • It prevents cardiovascular diseases.

NASATea – NASA tea businesses

Since tea has long been used in space materials, NASA started tea production in 1980-82. The teas, which were later released under the name NASATea, upset the market for a long time due to their high quality, then the US government banned the production of NasaTea with a special decision. According to some sources, it was completely removed. So it is no longer available.

Tea Maker Astronaut Program

Originally named Tea Maker Astronaut. After 2 years of research on astronauts and cosmonauts, it was proven that tea is a beverage consumed more than water. Nasa first hired a staff called the Tea Maker Astronaut in 1985 to produce tea for its employees. Because Tea Maker astronauts ( Tea Maker Tea Maker astronauts), especially after 1988, took an active role in other space explorations around the world.

Tea Maker Astronaut program is over

And then the Tea Maker astronaut program was suspended, first in Japan and the United States, and later in other countries, due to its high cost in 2018. The reason was that the teapot cauldron, thin waist glass cup and sugar cubes took up too much space in the vehicle. In addition, the fact that the station was covered with tea powder brought along other problems. Thus, the project was terminated.

How Many Teas to Drink Per Month? NASATea

Answer: 4 teas per day X 30 = 120 teas. Remember, too much of anything is bad !

We don’t know the taste of tea in space, but it seems worth a try. In addition to space studies, no one would say no to a pleasant tea. Especially when it comes to space fatigue, tea is great. A box of cookies would be nice too. As the colonization efforts in space increase, the days will come when we will grow our own tea and enjoy the space. We have come to the end of our space and tea research that makes people say there is life on the moon.

May there be tea on your table, a smile on your face, a colony from our space, and satellites from our inhabited planets.

We made up a special news about NASA and tea. On the other hand, I wish NASA could support producing better quality tea. Here’s the news in question: NASA Missions Can Help Make Better Tea. I searched for tea (tea) on the NASA site, here is Nasa + Tea and NASA Missions May Help Produce Better Tea .

Pseudo-science has been made in this news !

Have fun.

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