What are the Harms of Hunger?

The harms of hunger do not end with counting. On the other hand, food is both delicious and essential for our survival. When we are hungry, the body reacts immediately. The brain stimulates the organs, the body becomes sluggish as it makes energy planning, and it supports the psychological pressure and fatigue.

So when you’re hungry, you don’t want to move. Again, we do not waste energy as in normal times, and the nutrients accumulated in the body cell stores are used less. So is this savings beneficial? For a short time yes, but if this situation lasts for hours or even days, unfortunately the organism undergoes a change and eventually it cannot withstand starvation and is damaged or even dies.

The harms of hunger will lead to death, sooner or later, directly or indirectly!


1. You lose your balance when you’re hungry

Without being hungry for a long time, even in the case of only a light hunger, we lose our balance. There are millions of people on the planet who drive or do delicate work or do risky work, and many of them lose their jobs and lives due to malnutrition. Every year, thousands of people die as a result of starvation-related accidents due to the powerlessness caused by hunger in making decisions in traffic accidents.

2. Can starvation cause stomach disease?

People who eat regularly do not usually have stomach upset. However, hunger causes the acid in the stomach to be released into the empty stomach and the stomach to dissolve, causing wounds in the stomach and eventually death. Constant hunger causes persistent gastrointestinal (digestive) disorders. Stomach acid disrupts intestinal structure and can increase your risk of developing cancer.

3. Taking medicine on an empty stomach can kill you right away

Some drugs are heavy for the treatment they use. For example, antibiotics. When these drugs are taken on an empty stomach, they may foam up in your mouth with the effect of stomach acid and may even create a risk of death. If you don’t want to abuse your stomach like a lab tube, think carefully before taking heavy medicine on an empty stomach. The drug taken on an empty stomach can also be high-risk and dangerous if it enters the blood directly. Always consult your doctor before taking medication on an empty stomach.

4. Exercising on an empty stomach is very harmful

A hungry body is always a heavy burden for the organism. When the organism has a load, doing sports adds to the load. Moreover, doing heavy sports is harmful to the mind and loss. Completely depriving the body of food and energy through the harms of fasting and exercise: It starts with a heavy blow to the muscles first. The exhausted muscles melt and the body becomes vulnerable. It impairs the concentration specified in item 1 and may cause life-threatening harm to people who use machines or to people around them.

5. Risk of headache and beyond when you’re hungry!

The effect of hunger on the brain is very sensitive. When hungry, the brain cannot make the right decision. You know the saying “When you are hungry, you are not you.”. Go back to the moment when you said you made the wrong decision and take a look at your hunger. All wrong decisions are usually made in starvation. Because you have to be satiated to think normally.
Be especially careful when shopping when you’re hungry because when you’re hungry your spending goes up and your budget plan suffers, then you get stressed, then stress can lead to cancer.


The harms of hunger can change your life in a negative way! Because the substances are linked, hunger will eventually lead you directly or indirectly to death. Thousands of children starve to death every year in Africa. Don’t believe in something called starvation stamina. Now you know what you’re losing when you’re hungry. Testing yourself with hunger causes irreversible damage to the brain and organs. It harms not only you, but also your environment and loved ones. Stop teaching the body about hunger. Your brain doesn’t understand hunger. Perceive hunger abstractly and move on with your life. Of course, the harms of hunger are not that small. Even if you ask the doctors, they cannot tell you all the harms of hunger at once. It cannot tell which disease the damage caused by starvation in every cell will turn into. But now you know.

Live with a full stomach and health.

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