Why Are We All Ignorant?

Scientific researches conducted years ago, in coffee houses and at 5 o’clock tea conversations, show that we humans are ignorant. We are all ignorant . But why? We’ll get into the details soon. And remember, this is a scientific fact and there is nothing to be upset about in this news. Sit back, grab your tea and coffee and come…

What is ignorant?

The meaning of the word ignorant: ignorant: adjective . 1. meaning: uneducated or uneducated (person). Similar: ignorant. 2nd meaning: (person) who does not have sufficient knowledge of a particular subject .

Types of ignorance

Ignorance is the lack of knowledge. Because there are billions of information, but we do not know all of them. Unfortunately, ignorance is the biggest problem in the world. It is also the purest human thought. First, let’s try to understand the subject better by evaluating the types of ignorance. Ignorance is divided into two. Pure ignorance and Bad ignorance. It is more meaningful to distinguish between those that lead to good results and those that lead to bad results. And if you wish, review Wikipedia’s definition of Ignorance

Pure Ignorance

Pure ignorance aims at learning. And these people are called good ignorant. It is called pure ignorance. Because purity is not bad, on the contrary, it is good. Good ignorance is amenable to growth and encourages us to learn more. What happens if a topic comes up in an environment and you have no knowledge? This is where pure ignorance comes into play. You have the opportunity to wonder and learn. Come on, improve your ignorance with knowledge. If you learn this area where you are lacking, you will become a good example of ignorant.

Bad Ignorance

This represents a bad example of ignorance. Bad illiterates have attitudes that prevent learning. These people are called Bad ignorant. They make judgments about what they do not know. 

They don't know and they don't want to learn! - Bad Ignorance

Why are we all ignorant?

You can prove your ignorance by asking yourself questions on any subject that requires expertise. Let’s ask the first question right away: How many moons are there in Saturn’s ring? How many people in the world answer this question? Anyone who can’t answer here is ignorant. Because we really don’t know.

We are ignorant about everything we do not know.


Another question: How many galaxies are in space? No one can answer this question. Unfortunately, this information cannot be known for certain. The examples also apply to cell structure and other topics. Although they are visible items, you have limited access to some information. Because it’s very complex and we don’t understand it yet. So we don’t know. And even if we wanted to, we wouldn’t be able to learn everything. Our life does not have enough time to learn.

Know how to use knowledge

Even our regular access to information is limited. Even the information we learn from a book, TV show and conversation is not complete and accurate. It is not possible for us to fully understand all the information. There are many things that we do not know exactly. And can we say we know what we’re missing? There is also the processing and use of information. We cannot use all information. We are like an African baby holding a Russian instruction manual. Even if we read it, we don’t know how to use it. Because knowing the information may not be enough to use it correctly. We understand that the link between information also provides a separate type of information. Let’s continue with real-life examples.

Love and oxygen relationship

Why are we ignorant? In order to know the connection between love and Oxygen, it is necessary to first know love and then know oxygen. Love and oxygen need to be learned separately. For example, we don’t even know the exact connection between them. At what point are the changes in the breath you take and the reactions you give when you like it related? Examples may vary, but the absolute truth is that we are ignorant. Because we don’t know everything. There are no barriers to our learning. The only obstacle is that the human lifespan is 60-80 years in the face of the abundance of information.
Why are we ignorant? It is not possible to say that I learned everything. If I don’t know anything, at least I know I don’t know anything. 

Not knowing, but not learning is a shame.

Turkish Proverb

Better learn the subject you want, you don’t have to prove your knowledge to anyone unless it’s necessary. Know what you need, live freely and ignorantly.

May the purity of ignorance and the benefit of knowledge add meaning to your life. 


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